Movement Is Life

Movement and dance have well documented health benefits in every system and level of functioning in the body, and Jennifer’s training in Feldenkrais and Somatics gives her a deep understanding of the neurological impact of movement on the brain and in learning. Beyond the numerous physical benefits of movement are the immense emotional, psychological, and spiritual benefits that have made dance one of the most ancient and sacred forms of art. It nourishes body, mind, and soul.

Jennifer  teaches dance and movement classes for movers of all levels including Professional Contemporary Dance, Community Sacred Dance, Therapeutic Movement and Zumba World Dance. Jennifer imbues all of her teaching with her philosophy that dance is a healing force in the world.

Zumba World Dance

Current Public Classes

Jennifer added Zumba into her regular dance practice several years ago and immediately recognized it as an effective format that makes dance and movement accessible to students of all levels. Her high energy classes draw from her love of world dance forms including Afro Brazilian and Latin, along with contemporary, hip hop, ballet and yoga. The World Dance class offers a positive and non-competitive atmosphere where students can move at their own pace. It’s an hour of sweat, soul and positive energy!

Tuesday & Thursday 10am Starting January 16

Studio Maesto in Santa Monica